"SAT's" stands for "Standard Assessment Tests" which refer to a four yearly test that all children in England and Wales are expected to sit at different times in their education. (They are sometimes known as "End of Key Stage Assessments" or "Statutory Assessments"). The SAT's tests were introduced in 1995 as a way of measuring how much progress each child had made over the past few years of his/her schooling. Their "proper" name is "National Tests" as they are seen as a test taken by every school child in the countries of England
and Wales (Scotland has its own version of the National Tests).


The subjects which are tested in the SAT's are English and Maths at Key Stage 1 and English, Maths and Science at Key Stage 2 and 3.


Key Stage 1 refers to children in Infant school (aged 4-7 years).
Key Stage 2 refers to children in Junior School (aged 7-11 years).
Key Stage 3 refers to children in Secondary School (aged 11 - 14 years).


The SAT's Tests are important as it gives a good indication to parents, teachers and the Government on how much progress a child is making in his or her school. In particular, teachers can see in certain areas of the subjects taken, where a child's weaknesses may be and make stategies to improve this. Obviously some children will achieve a level lower or higher than the national level set by the Government. When a child moves up from the Infants to the Juniors, or from the Juniors to the Seniors, it helps their new teachers to see  what level the child has reached in their understanding of English, Maths (and Science).

SATs in Key Stage 1 (ages 6/7)

Children in Key Stage 1 take the SATs test in Maths and English in Year 2 sometime in the Summer Term. The date is decided by the school with the child's teacher also giving his/her assessment.
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SATs in Key Stage 2 (ages 10/11)
Children in Year 6 of primary school take their SATs tests in the Summer term during the month of May. They are tested in Reading, Writing (including handwriting), Spelling, Maths, Mental Arithmetic and Science. The tests are sent away to be marked externally and the results are given to the parents before the end of the summer term. They are also passed onto their new Secondary school. The average level for a year 6 child nationally is level 4.
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SATs in Key Stage 3 (ages 14/15)
Testing in Sats at Key Stage 3 ended in 2006

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