Tables Square





                         How to use the Multiplication Table Square


The table box is a good way of finding out the answer for any two numbers (below 13)  which are multiplied together.


E.g. To find the answer to 6 × 8, go down the left hand column and find the 6. Then go along the top line until you find the 8. Go across from the 6 and down from the 8 until the two lines meet. The answer should be 48. (You can also do the calculation the other way round if you like).


The multiplication tables for each number between 1 and 12 can also be seen on the table box. Either go across from a particular number or down to see the multiples for that particular number. E.g. 63 has the primary factors of 7 and 9.


The table box can also be used to find some of the factors for the numbers in the box.  Start with any number inside the box and go upwards and leftwards to find its primary factors.